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Mon 10 October 2005

Firefly character

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I really love the series [got the DVD box here sitting next to me], so when I discovered there was a quiz of it, I took it [thanks Vermyndax!]. I don't know how accurate this is, but here's the result of the test:

You scored as The Operative.

The Operative

You are …


Wed 05 October 2005

Starting up Morphest 2005

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So, over at #morphix at the irc.freenode.net IRC server, we decided it was time for a gathering of hardcore Morphers. As The Netherlands is the homebase of both alextreme [the founder], as me [little old Morphix veteran], and we live in the vicinity of a large airport [Amsterdam …


Sun 02 October 2005

In case of b0rkage, press Refresh

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I'm tweaking some stuff at this weblog, so please do a Ctrl+R, F5 or whatever it is your browser uses to refresh pages and other files [like the stylesheet this site uses]. Things will look better [at least, they will look like I intend them to].

Too bad the …


Mon 26 September 2005

Online again

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OK, I already was online here at work, but I just got a ping again from my server at home. Next time this happens to me, Demon internet is going to get an angry letter [don't care it's BBNed's fault].

To be fair, this was the first problems I had …