A rantbox


Well, I did it :) Finished the computergraphics project yesterday at about 8:30PM. It's working like it should [kinda] and it looks great! Screenshots will be up when I've had time to make them [like, tomorrow], and a windows [compiled] version will be available for download when I've compiled it at the VU [like, Monday or something :)], because I don't have Visual Studio at home. Damn proprietary software ;) . Besides, it's my own fault, because I did a make clean before packing it, but didn't recompile for taking it to other windows pc's. Maybe it was because it was already 8:45PM and I had promised to be home at 8PM. And getting home takes an hour [well, in this case it took me 1.5, so I was at home at 10:30PM. Damn public transportations...]

Anyways, I only tested it in Visual Studio [most programming was done at my morphix desktop and morphix laptop]. But that was only for the better: vim is _way_ better then VS [syntax highlighting, speed, everything]. And compiling in VS takes ages compared to gcc. But with that testing everything went wrong... When you tried to move the window [or resize it, focus it again, try to get the right-click-menu-thingee], it crashed with an error in a dll belonging to the Matrox G400/G550 cards used at the pc's at the VU. And every pc there has such card, so I couldn't even test it at a decent install... Ah well, enough ranting :) It _works_!

To be continued ;)