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Ok, I've convinced myself I need to have a weblog^Wrantbox too. So what you are looking at is a site being the place to put my frustrations on :) Poluting the web since 2003-12-20!

NB: if things seem a little fscked up, it's just me playing around. I try to do most weird hacks first on a try-out site, but sometimes I'm hacking right along at this live site. Keeps life interesting :)

"dammIT" ?

"Damn it" is an often heard phrase when working with computers. Well, at least, I use it a lot when I myself or the software I use do stupid things ;) IT speaks for itself; my hobby, study and work is all about computers and related stuff: mostly OS'es, various software and web development. So, "dammIT" kinda wraps up my life :) (Well, not quite, I seem to have a real life too, including my lovely girlfriend^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwife, and I'll write about all aspects in my life. Luckily, I do stupid things in the real world too.)

Call it a lame name, I don't care.

Why this weblog?

Yeah, why? Well basically to have some place to write down my frustrations. But also for thinking out loud (which I hope will happen more often than me being frustrated), and sharing some niceties I found on the web with anybody who cares reading this weblog. So, since the 20th of December of the year 2003 you can read about me. Oh rejoice :)


I'm a (backend/full stack) developer with a big media company in the Netherlands. You can find more information about me on diginaut.net.

/me has been a student Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and working with the Royal Dutch Navy, where I did my Master research project too. aquariusoft.org is home to my projects. You can also find links to other sites, like my gallery there.

You seem to be a Dutchie. Why do you pretend to write English?

Mainly because of the exercise I get through it. I like reading other weblogs, preferably in a language I understand, which boils down to Dutch and English. As most content I consume nowadays is in English, I choose to write in that language too. And now I get a reader or three extra ;)

This weblog

I started this website before software like Wordpress became usable (or even existed) and also because I liked to write such a content management system. Maybe I'll find versions of the code from the time period between 2003 and 2006, but I started version control in 2006 so the dammIT sourcecode that I published on Github for everyone to see starts its history there.

As of April 2017 the codebase has been switched to use Pelican, a static site generator, as I have been tired of PHP for a while. The content now lives in this GitHub repository. The theme is a fork of voidy-bootstrap with some enhancements like the blue theme, neighbour articles navigation and isso commenting support.

Bugs, issues, features?

As the theme source is open and I like to hear your suggestions, you can file tickets with your findings. If you happen to use my code, I'm even more interested in your opinion :)

If you find strange things or dead links in my posts that you are able to fix, you can file a pull request for the content too :)

Rights stuff

Contents are © 2003-2017 dammit at aquariusoft.org, but are licensed under a Creative Commons License, except for quotes and art from others, which are property of the respective creators of course.

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E-mail about contents, design or something else about this weblog can be send to dammit at aquariusoft.org.


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