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By day, a simple software engineer. By night, also a software engineer.

Forever beta

Ok, I've convinced myself I need to have a weblog^Wrantbox too. So what you are looking at is a site being the place to put my frustrations on :) Polluting the web since 2003-12-20!

"dammIT" ?

"Damn it" is an often heard phrase when working with computers. Well, at least, I use it a lot when I myself or the software I use do stupid things ;) IT speaks for itself; my hobby, study and work is all about computers and related stuff: mostly OS'es, various software and web development. So, "dammIT" kinda wraps up my life. (Well, not quite, I seem to have a real life too, including my lovely girlfriend^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwife (post), and I'll write about all aspects in my life. Luckily, I do stupid things in the real world too.)

Why this weblog?

Yeah, why? Well basically to have some place to write down my frustrations. But also for thinking out loud (which I hope will happen more often than me being frustrated), writing up howto's for itches I figured out how to scratch, and sharing some niceties (previously I had blogmarks, they will be resurrected in a digimarks way) I found on the web with anybody who cares reading this weblog. So, since the 20th of December of the year 2003 you can read about me. Oh rejoice :)


I'm the lead developer of a company specialising in long-term archiving of digital data, and building solutions to make the information available for the public. Before that I was a (backend/full stack) developer with a big media company in the Netherlands. You can find more information about me on diginaut.net.

/me has been a student Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, have worked with the Royal Dutch Navy, where I did my Master research project too, then moved to one of the biggest media companies of the Netherlands and am currently leading the developers of a small company carving out a new market. aquariusoft.org is home to my projects. You can also find links to other sites, like my gallery there. Even more projects can be found on my GitHub.

You seem to be a Dutchie. Why do you pretend to write English?

Mainly because of the exercise I get through it. I like reading other weblogs, preferably in a language I understand, which boils down to Dutch and English. As most content I consume nowadays is in English, I choose to write in that language too. And now I get a reader or three extra ;)

This weblog

I started this website before software like WordPress became usable (or even existed) and also because I liked to write such a content management system. Maybe I'll find versions of the code from the time period between 2003 and 2006, but I started version control in 2006 so the old dammIT source code that I published on GitHub for everyone to see starts its history there. Currently, the site is generated from the newer dammIT source code repository.

In September 2010 it moved to its own domain and it has been here ever since.

As of April 2017 the codebase has been switched to use Pelican, a static site generator, as I have been tired of PHP for a while. The content now lives in this GitHub repository. The theme is a (not-so-temporary) fork of python-alchemy with some enhancements like the featured images, and isso commenting support.

Bugs, issues, features?

As the theme source is open and I like to hear your suggestions, you can file tickets with your findings. If you happen to use my code, I'm even more interested in your opinion.

If you find strange things or dead links in my posts that you are able to fix, you can file a pull request for the content too :)

Rights stuff

Contents are © 2003-2023 dammit at aquariusoft.org, but are licensed under a Creative Commons License, except for quotes and art from others, which are property of the respective creators of course.

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