A rantbox

Darn trains

Argh, how I hate the NS [Dutch Railways]...

I was up early to catch the train of 8:28AM on the other side of the station [for your information: that's a fair amount of sleepwalking]. So I bought my ticket, wandered over to the platform: empty indicator. So I checked my PalmWijzer [Palm program with the schedule in it], and found out the darn train isn't scheduled on Saturdays. Well, whatever. That leaves me waiting for the train of 8:44AM. In the freaking wind and fog, because the welcomingly lighted and heated waiting room is locked... So far for the service of the NS.

It doesn't help either when you arrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk and have to wait another 15 minutes in the largest wind tunnel I've seen sofar: the Metro station [also FYI: that's the highest place of the whole complex, e.g. above the actual railway station]. Ah well, I guess I shouldn't complain because at least I wasn't stuck in a traffic jam.