A rantbox

My very own rantbox

Actually started implementing this box. First "rant": my changelog to this site for this day:

  • Started implementing my rantbox
  • Deleted not-needed pages [some of it's information will be back at the aquariusoft.org website].
  • Validated the pagetemplate against the W3 validator, so it seems to be valid xhtml now [instead of html4.0 transitional which the old site was in]
  • Removed news related to the old site
  • Cleaned up the codebase
  • Added an about page
  • Added a FAQ
  • Added the related section for interesting links and HOWTO's.

And yeah, I'm aware the Last Modified box is jumping around the pages. That's because I can't get it to work right [at least not with that crappy IE...] and am looking for a decent place for it.