A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

A new domain

You might have noticed that this weblog has moved. It's still exactly the same rantbox as it has always been - hopefully with more regular updates than it has seen for quite a while - but now you can find it on its own domain: dammit.nl. Links to the old aquariusoft.org/~mbscholt should be redirected here, but things might still break (old relative links to content on aquariusoft.org for example). Please, if you see anything broken, don't hesitate to notify me; both in a comment, an email me at michiel at dammit nl (or another email address you already know of me), or ping me on twitter or something.

My weblog is not the only thing getting a new address; it looks like our new home is well underway to be ready for our eager souls to occupy. You might find some more information (likely of the photo kind) here soon.