A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

dammIT exists for 7.5 years now!

This weblog has been in existence for 7.5 years today, all the while serving me as a focus point of ranting on various aspects of my personal and professional life. These rants (longer and short) are generally musings on things that annoy me, technical subjects of interest to me, announcements and updates about my personal life and random finds. I drop links into the blogmarks overview, hoping you will enjoy them too. I post vacation pics, announce great things and more. Even though Twitter has made the update rate a lot slower, I still see it as my go-to place for, well, my brain/heart-internet interface.

This all my sound a bit sentimental, but it's just that I like being online and frankly, I like this weird little Internet corner of mine. I created some other corners too, which might just grow in the years to come, but here you're just alone with me and my obsessions. Might be scary, I know, but I like your company :)

Also, don't forget to enjoy the summer ^_^