A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


And another year has passed. A year in which I turned the nice age of 21, in which we had to buy a new car because I trashed the previous one on a otherwise very beautiful holidays in Italy at the Garda Lake. Me and my lovely girl where together 5 years [5,5 years at this very moment] and survived that trip brilliantly :) I got home from that same trip with some 512MB of digital photographs taken in that nice country, indicating one of my new hobbies: photography.

It was a year I failed to get my Bachelor years over and done with at the VU, my University. But it was a year with nice social and internet-related expandings and I'm quite busy getting up to date with courses now.

It was a year I started to use Linux not only for my server, but for normal desktop use too [thanks to Morphix, a project that started that year too]. I'm still feeling wonderfully freed from Micrsoft's software. [I stopped caring about helping people with Windows and stuff, apart from some exceptions for close friends and family].

It was the year that brought us some damn fine movies like the 2nd and 3rd episode of The Matrix and the brilliant [IMHO] LotR's The Return of the King. And the lovely Finding Nemo from Pixar not to forget.

It didn't only bring us nice things. We saw America spending way to much billions on the war in Iraq. They where glad to capture Saddam Hussein before the years end, otherwise it would be a complete disaster after all. I believe Bush spent 200 billion of American taxpayer's money [that's about the years' product of The Netherlands] at that nasty affair, while he promised only some years ago to spent all that to schooling and other social institutions in the US itself. Ah well, I guess it's exit Bush soon enough [or at least I hope, because he's not the most subtle person I've seen in politics thus far; not only referring to his point of view against Europe].

It's getting quite a rant [well, not quite a rant, but just me being fluffy]. I guess I covered most of the stuff that played last weird year. I'm glad it's over, but I've some pretty nice memories I'll keep for years. If only in my archive of digitall pictures.

Signing off, yours truly.