A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


Weird day today. First, the sun suddenly started shining. Then I found out I most likely threw away the letter with the receipt for getting my OV card [card needed to travel with the train, metro etc for "free"]. Think I was a little to rigorous while cleaning up my post a little while ago... After 2 hours of swearing at myself I found out I only needed the cardnumber, which you can find online on the site of the IB-groep when checking the page where you can find the date and post office to get your card. sic... Well, headed out for the hairdresser, waited for half an hour or longer and got a lot nicer look. Positive point of this day :) [not only for myself ;)]. Then got 4 [four] passport photo's for 7 [seven!] euro. Well, I guess the photographer has enough mouths to feed... Anyway, after another half an hour of waiting at the post office I finally get that darn card. Only to find myself in a miniature blizzard outside. Ah well, at least does my computer generate enough heat to make my room comfortable.

And while I'm at the subject of how lousy I'm surviving this day: I found out I broke my counter of the Christmas 2003 wishcard. I hope I didn't brake everything I laid my hands on the last few weeks...