A rantbox

aMaze - Take two :)

There it is. A nice binary windows distribution :). "Why? That's evil! Binary only!". Er, yeah, but I don't want to release my sourcecode until it's readable without getting a heart attack ;) Besides, I want to wait until the gradings are known so noone can "borrow" some code from me. And I want to figure which license I want to use for releasing. And and and... :)

Well, I guess I'm going to release this work under GPL and going to work on it until it's a nice [addictive?] game. Just for fun. For now, have fun with the windows executable. If you want to have the sourcecode for running it under Linux or something, just contact me.

Map making is encouraged too, and if you find bugs, just send an email to amaze at aquariusoft dot org