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Experts Exchange

Stack Overflow is a lot nicer as a source for good technical advice, but Experts Exchange still has quite some answers too; might come in handy for a second opinion/solution on which you can base your own. expert-sexchange is much less annoying with this bit of CSS added to …

Fixed my weblog

Soooo, it appears there was some small programming error which broke sessions in my self-written weblog software. This kinda blocked me from posting here. Combined with a rather busy life and me twittering small blurps instead of writing larger posts this led to dammIT be really neglected. I plan on …

Main website restyled

So to unwind from wrapping up stuff for university, I put some time into restyling my main website, aquariusoft.org. It's a lot cleaner, has less links leading everywhere and is easier on the eye. I'll post some before/after pics tomorrow.