A rantbox

Eleven years and counting

Yesterday this weblog turned eleven. I haven't always been that faithful to it, having times I didn't post for months (my inspiration apparently comes in waves).

However, even though I've been using social media like Twitter for ages (five and a half year it seems), I keep on posting here. It's my longform platform, on which I write articles instead of short blurps. Those can be highly technical, or musings about life, the universe and everything.

These holiday days I've reserved some time for finishing a first version of an all new dammIT. It will be the end of the PHP era, which will suit me just fine. I started my own software in 2003 because of the lack of good alternatives (Wordpress wasn't there yet, other alternatives were paid or hosted and I wanted something for myself, getting my hands dirty in the process). Back then PHP was a good way, but in the meanwhile I've become a big Python fan, so dammIT.py was born. It has Django inards, a PostgreSQL backend and will do its thing on nginx.

Currently though it's far from being done, so after I did the chores my wife wrote up for me to do on our Trello, I'll be spending some quality time re-implementing the core functionality in an environment I will be happy with again. That makes writing articles even more fun, which is always good.

I have a bunch of articles saved as draft, and I want to challenge myself to write more (or at least more regularly), so you can expect more material here soonish.

At the moment, the new weblog project is tightly coupled with 'dammIT', but I'm seriously considering creating a project that anybody can use and brand as their own, like people are used to from software like Wordpress and Octopress. It will not be a big suite of things, but a usable weblog with functionality for snippets, blogmarks (the 'Distracted by' you can find next to the articles), pages and themes. And, above all, it will have a clean Django project as backend, which can be a pre for some people.