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Fri 18 July 2008

Updating a laptop

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

I thought I'd update my Debian sid laptop and try to get wifi working again so I can browse/work on the couch with something bigger than my Nokia N810. I hadn't really touched it since halfway June, and didn't update since June 21. Result:

apt-get dist-upgrade 
423 upgraded …


Sat 28 June 2008

And life is good again

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

Today I traded the head pillow I had on try-out for a regular, new one, after which we made the bed with shiny new linen and my new, very comfy pillow. Sleep is good :)

After giving the community some time and updating my tablet a bit, the N810 with Diablo …


Mon 23 June 2008

Nintendo doesn't want our money

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

Yesterday we went out to buy some stuff (shopping Sundays are rather convenient). We came back with a new pillow for me, which should make sleeping even more fun, but not the two games we wanted.

Of course, those are amongst the most popular at the moment, but you would …