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01:02:03 04-05-06 - Care to join a geek club?

Only a few moments left till that geeky moment in our little space/time bubble. Provides me some time to ponder about some things. Like setting up a Linux User Group of my own -- well, our own. But I don't want to make it a LUG, I prefer to create a little geek club; sounds better, and doesn't scare the BSD guys off ;)

That leaves me with questions as to where to locate it [a good pub], how to name it [DDGC, Drunken Dutch Geeks Club] and when to organise the first gathering [erm, tomorrow afternoon?]. So, suggestions about these issues are welcome, and other input about the club [making it international? -- hi cgabriel :)] is too.

Sooo... I guess I'll stay up until that timestamp shows up on my clock after all. Hopefully I can still hack some Python and muCRL tomorrow ;)