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Xfce 4.4 beta 1

When we're talking geek, I could as well talk about the desktop environment I'm using. I've been using Xfce since their 4.0 version was in early alpha state, and recently beta one of their version 4.4 was released. Now, Xfce 4.4beta1 is being uploaded to Debian sid. So far for Debian lagging behind in versions ;)

For those of you who care about how my desktop looks: see here for a nice 1600x1200 screenshot with eye candy [more screenshots]. The window in the front with the thumbnails has been made transparent for fun [press Alt and scroll on the titlebar, yay]. FYI [and my own future reference]: the GTK2 theme is Bevox, icon theme is Tango with some Xfce additions, and the window decorations are Xfce 4.4's default. The wallpaper I shot myself [closeup of a tulip], and composition is enabled; window decorations have a slight transparency too [enabled those myself in the WM's compositor settings]. Eat that, far-from-released Vista ;)

Ooh, almost time...