A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Oldschool programming, hacking and planning

I'm currently sitting in my university's Linux lab writing some oldschool C CGI thingee for hooking up a server serving papers to a website using SunRPC so you can list the files, upload and download them. Quite fun, I must say.

I also finally finished the freelance project I've been working on for quite a while. Well, it was finished, but once in a while they came up with some new bugs to squash. After confusing the heck out of myself why some changes I made didn't show up in the online project, I discovered my scripts where uploading an old .war file. Fun, fun...

Chewing my way steadily through my study and not having to work two days a week left me thinking about what I want to do after I finish this Computer Science Master stuff. I've been contemplating about starting up a company of my own while working 3, 4 days a week for an IT company. That way it won't have to make a profit right from the start, and we can work out some projects before seriously launching it. Having a plan is half the work ;)