A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Rumours about my dead are greatly exaggerated

As you can see, I've been fiddling around with the code for dammIT, this weblog. That's been the last few days. Before that, I've been rather busy fiddling around with about anything but personal projects. Mostly stuff for my university -- which is a good thing, as it means my study actually makes progress -- and some work stuff [wrapping up a project, as I have officially stopped working in favour of my study]. And the fun thing is, I enjoy working hard. I knew that already, but having to get up quite early, doing a lot of things [programming posix C, network stuff etc; taking classes; drinking a beer with some friends in the sun now and then] is healthy. I actually go to bed quite early [just before midnight, mostly ;)].

So, changes for the better in both my life and here online. I cleaned up the old code of dammIT quite a bit, added a feature to disable comments for a posting [damn you spammers for making this a needed thing], added a cronjob for posting my blogmarks once a week as rant [so they actually get read by someone :P], and tweaked the layout of the postings in general. Which worked out OK, I think. The code is becoming maintainable also, which seems to be a good thing too ;)

Another personal project I intend to pick up soonish is rewriting the overload feedreader in Python and Django. Not only because Python is neat, but also to be able to focus on the features I want it to have. It will grow from a feedreader to an information manager, which takes care of your bookmarks, notes and of course still of your information feeds. But it will be more organized, as you can tag everything, search it, and couple items. Fun fun :)