A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


Every once in a while I crawl back out of my little cave and post here. The current occassion is a slew of exams I'm chewing through. As it's already almost halfway this not-so-new-and-shiny-anymore 2006, I'm having my end-term exams; all five of them. And having great joy studying and taking them ;)

Anyway, as they're a necessairy evil, I take them as part of live. And last week brought me some parties too: Friday after an exam I went out with some friends to have some beer at the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, after which we ate some nice steaks. Then, it was time for Alex' birthday party, which I couldn't enjoy that long, as I had to catch the last train home.

After sleeping from 2AM to 10AM, I studied some and went to fix my "brother-in-law"'s pc, after which it was time for some more enjoyment: an Italian dinner in Amsterdam with some ex-colleagues and friends. After which we went to the cinema to enjoy X-Men 3 [yeah, I think parts one and two are better, more subtile, but part 3 is quite good too]. And then it was party time again :) Enter an Irish pub with large glasses of Guinness and Trance^Wlive music. The musicians where still soundchecking while we entered, and the computer-based music library was playing some decidedly un-Irish music :)

Yesterday a co-victim of mine came visiting so we could study for the algebra and discrete maths exam of tomorrow. Also, the GF's math-granddad was called upon, and marvelled at the weird language of the material we had to study.

So, all-in-all quite an enjoyably mixed weekend, which isn't even over yet as it's the second day of -- erm, what's it called in English -- Pentecost [or Pinksteren in Dutch].