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Sun 15 June 2008

Father's Day

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Some people find it a stupid concept [a bit like how I find Valentine's day overrated - why only be sweet to your lover then?], but I think it's a good day to show your dad you appreciate his existence and actions :) Maybe I'm just blessed with my old man, but …


Mon 09 June 2008


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We came back from the Greek island of Zakynthos last week, and as expected I made a lot of pictures. Here is a small selection; an album will be up later. Mouse over for texts, click for larger versions.

Sky above Amsterdam

Cute little flowers


Beautiful lady

Greek dancers

Turtle (Caretta Caretta)

Island with tower

Ancient Olympia

Scarily blue water

Shipwreck Bay

Flora - Abundant flowers

Fauna - Bugs having fun

Pictoresque cliffs

Sunset at Keri


Fri 09 May 2008

Sunny ride

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Driving to work over an alternative road with nice views of flowery fields, small towns and lined with lots of trees filtering the warm sun overhead, I almost felt like I was going on vacation. I can't say that I dislike that sensation ;)


Wed 07 May 2008

Observations #412

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Today is a beautiful day. It's warm and sunny, the woman are pretty in their summer clothes and statistics class only tool 23 minutes. Hell, even the grad student giving the practical was pretty.

After that, I spent about an hour trying to get on the campusnet with my N810 …


Mon 05 May 2008

Ordering hardware

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So I ordered some new hardware parts for building a decent workstation a while ago. Today I received the first batch: two 750GB sata hdd's, making a nice grand total of 1.5TB :)

However, I also received an email stating that the processor I ordered - a Intel core2duo E8400 3GHz …


Fri 25 April 2008

Things that make me hum

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This morning I was sitting in my car driving towards work. I had some nice music on the stereo and the sun was starting to warm the land. These are conditions in which I naturally start to hum along with the music, even singing along. This Wednesday was even better …