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Public transport in Amsterdam: their computer systems

Gotta love public transport running windows...

The contact-less system for checking in/out of the trams and subways. Out of order, as you can read. In French...

Out of order

The electronical ticket machine, for charging your chip based public transport pass:

Ticket machine

Same machine, close up [gotta love their internationalization]:

Out of order

Same machine, some days earlier [case was opened, computer was visible, as was a standard keyboard. Dialog reads: "Unsave removal of USB device"

Unsave removal

The advertisement system in the new Combino trams [the error dialog was in German...]:

Tram advertising system error

That system is Macromedia Flash based and is manually updated for every screen in the trams. Each tram has about 3 seperate machines [can be noticed when one of these crash ;)]