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Workstation upgrade: casing recommendations?

As I'm upgrading my pc from a 750MHz AMD Duron with 448MiB of RAM to 2x AMD Athlon MP2000+ with 4GiB of memory, I kinda need a new computer casing. After getting a nice little cardreader in a stand, which is colored black/silver, and having a black/silver laptop with a black mouse, I thought having a black mouse, keyboard and casing for my new workstation would be cool too. Buying a new monitor is a bit beyond budget and scope at the moment :)

So, can anyone recommend a roomy case? It shouldn't make a hell of a noise [but doesn't have to be completely silent], and as I'm getting a 600W power supply, it doesn't have to ship with one of these too. I'd like to have some room for a stack of hard disk drives, and maybe a little door for hiding the beige optical disk drives. Someone has a good experience with a case that comes a bit near this feature set? Or other pointers? :)