A rantbox

Ideas and projects

Currently testing a new version of my aquamorph livecd, which is close to being done. In my last post of yesterday I forgot to tell I had been working on it that day too, so it wasn't a completely wasted Thursday ;)

Besides the idea bmsleight has for our Open Source Company [OSC :)] -- which I will keep secret for the time being -- I thought about having the company rolling out Linux based networks and doing some system/network management. Would be interesting, and generates money I guess, which we can use to finance not-yet-revenue-generating fun projects. If managing weird heterogeneous networks doesn't absorb all our time, that is.

On a more personal level, I want to take overload to a new level: besides being the slurp-my-news thing, I want it to become the place for storing my bookmarks, notes and other information too. Put in a uniform way of tagging these items, and you have a central place where you can go for your information; you can add the page of a news item as bookmark, make a note which you attach to it, let it share a tag about a project it's relevant to, click the "add to my public snippets" button for sharing it with the world, etc. I imagine it having a Google News-like frontpage too. I want to start on this shortly, but will do so on another location than the live version of overload, so people can continue using the reader without fear of breakage.

Of course, besides adding all this new functionality, I want to finish the basic stuff that's not-yet-there in the current version too. [What's up with the not working importing/exporting of OPML files for example?].