A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Still alive, job on hold in favour of study, still stressing

So here I am, sitting in the cafetaria of my university [next to a dude with a 17" Powerbook], eating my way through a free 45 minutes. I decided some weeks ago to stop working 2 days per week [they asked me if it was possible for me to even do 3 days/week before that], as I want to finally get my piece of Bachelor paper, and - shortly after that, if possible - my Master diploma. I figured I could as well borrow some money from the governmental institution that oversees all students' business. Besides, the GF is going to be a pharmacist in about 6 months from now ;)

So, having freed at least two days a week [including their evenings, as doing something serious behind a pc wasn't quite that possible after work time, alas], I still have enough to do. Doing both a Network Programming practical [writing microshells, inter process communication, lots of fun Posix programming] and an Operating Systems practical [hacking the Minix kernel, writing a disk defragmentator for the same OS] is going to be a major factor of my life untill June. Not that I particularly mind, as I rather enjoy them. However, the first deadline is approaching, so stress is still keeping me awake during the day ;)

Maybe I can now find some minutes every now and then to post some useless update to this weblog again too now :) [At least it certainly helps that the entire campus is swamped in wifi signals nowadays, and I can actually log in to it ;)]