A rantbox

Blocking your mind by having to do certain tasks

OK, the title may sound weird, but picture the following: you have a certain task which involves doing things you don't really like [say, booting windows, messing around with a Visual Basic script]; it is for your work, it has to be done etc etc. But because you don't quite like it, you start looking around for other things to do [classical procrastination], and end up browsing, reading comics etc.

Now this may sound a lot more fun, it really isn't. First, you don't get that darn job done, so it keeps on haunting you. Secondly, instead of working on your projects, you have wasted another day on surfing and reading some news and lots of comics. Now it may be me, but I do this sometimes. Like, today.

So, instead of having that darn script reworked, and having done some work on a project for my university or overload or having learned some new Python, I've basically spent my day posting stuff on the Morphix forum, on surfing, IRC'ing and -- oh -- tweaking the stylesheets of my weblog a bit. *sigh*

At least bmsleight came up with an interesting project for "my" Open Source Company and I went doing some serious fitness, so my day isn't completely wasted ;)