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Morning walks

Morning walks are my way of staying sane(ish) in these times. Good for recharging and stretching the legs, starting the day by waking up with some fresh air in my face, maybe even some sun, or - even better - a lovely blanket of fog.
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Hello 2021

The plague year 2020 has passed. It has been a wild ride, and not all of it bad. Working from home want pretty well, I upgraded my nerdcave quite a bit in the progress, cleaning up a lot of the mess of stuff I assembled there, and even started a …

Morning stroll through frozen fog

This morning I took a stroll through a park nearby in the kind of weather that is on my little list of favourites: foggy (and cold). The cold part became a hindrance when my fingers started freezing taking pictures, but it sure was refreshing. Swan eating in freezing water Colour …
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Neon skies

Biking home from work, I had this gorgously coloured dusk as my background. Certainly a good conclusion of a day where I fixed a bug with four lines of code after a debugging session of about four days. gallery link
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Wallpapers with Gimp mosaic

I like taking pictures, and having some of the nicer ones as a background to my daily computer shenanigans is a nice extension of this. Lately, I've been playing around a bit with having pictures show up differently (more abstractly, with less details so they distract less, like those nice …
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Help hunt bugs, do not just report them

Today I came across the forum post Don’t report bugs, contribute to bugs hunting about more directly helping (open source) developers help you. Developers really try to write working solutions and like Aurélien Pierre notes: We are the developers. That means we can guarantee you that the software works …

darktable and opencl in Ubuntu 19.04

Editing and even viewing (raw) photographs can be a bit taxing on your CPU. If you have an Nvidia GPU, you can supercharge your photo editor by using its OpenCL extensions to offload operations to. Using darktable myself, I had to do a minor bit of research before it worked …

shuttereye.org, a gallery

I mentioned in a recent post that I was working on a new gallery, based on some project I started in december. This project grew out of an increasing dissatisfaction with other gallery software (gallery2 has been out of my system for quite a while, zenphoto keeps bugging out on …
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Wedding pictures and a website of our own

Quick update to point you all to Ineke & Michiel's website where the first wedding pictures have started appearing. More will follow. Also, it's no longer a site with our wedding invitation (it is archived, however), but also intended to host more info, pictures and other loose ends about us.

Home update

As we bought a house last year, we're actively following its process of being built. Photograph-loving people as we are, we document the timeline graphically. The side not facing the street, aka the garden side :)

Trip to the NOS studios and the NOB

Last Thursday I went on a trip to the dutch Mediapark, where most of the TV studios are located. This was initiated by the course ICT in a Social Context, and we where visiting because of two projects. One of them is the CyberNOS project [the NOS is one of …