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Wallpapers with Gimp mosaic

Photo of heathland with a mosaic effect applied with Gimp

I like taking pictures, and having some of the nicer ones as a background to my daily computer shenanigans is a nice extension of this.

Lately, I've been playing around a bit with having pictures show up differently (more abstractly, with less details so they distract less, like those nice clean material designs), and in Gimp I found a way that pleased me, resulting in the images shown here.

Open the image in Gimp, then go to menu Filters > Distort > Mosaic, and tweak the settings to:

  • Tile size 15 or 20.
  • Tile height 2,000
  • Tile neatness 0,650
  • Tile color variation 0,100
  • Tile spacing 0,000
  • Joints color: HTML notation 666666
  • Light color: ffffff
  • Light direction 135,00
  • Random seed 0

Of course, play around with the settings to your own liking.

Gallery of wallpapers of pictures I made


Winter light

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