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Hilary Hahn is such a gem

Last Friday my better half and me went to a concert. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra was playing a contemporary piece (Con Brio, surprisingly nice with musicians using their instruments as percussion and such), the Violin Concerto by Dvořák and the First Symphony of Brahms. The very reason we went there …
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Strawberry moon

Yesterday evening instead of getting to bed when I really needed to, I stayed up a bit longer to shoot the Strawberry Moon.
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I run on solar energy

The dark days of the year I'm always reminded by my body that I really prefer brighter days over the gloomy ones. I don't mind the dark per se, but my energy level goes down noticeably when the gloom continues for too long. A day with sun really helps my …
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Fall dawn in 2021

One of the ways I am attempting to keep my sanity, is by taking morning walks. Those walks serve both as some light exercise when working from home, and as a way of waking up and resetting my head by submitting myself to the fractals of nature, found in the …
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Morning stroll through frozen fog

This morning I took a stroll through a park nearby in the kind of weather that is on my little list of favourites: foggy (and cold). The cold part became a hindrance when my fingers started freezing taking pictures, but it sure was refreshing. Swan eating in freezing water Colour …
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Neon skies

Biking home from work, I had this gorgously coloured dusk as my background. Certainly a good conclusion of a day where I fixed a bug with four lines of code after a debugging session of about four days. gallery link
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Wallpapers with Gimp mosaic

I like taking pictures, and having some of the nicer ones as a background to my daily computer shenanigans is a nice extension of this. Lately, I've been playing around a bit with having pictures show up differently (more abstractly, with less details so they distract less, like those nice …
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Home update

As we bought a house last year, we're actively following its process of being built. Photograph-loving people as we are, we document the timeline graphically. The side not facing the street, aka the garden side :)