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Hilary Hahn is such a gem

Last Friday my better half and me went to a concert. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra was playing a contemporary piece (Con Brio, surprisingly nice with musicians using their instruments as percussion and such), the Violin Concerto by Dvořák and the First Symphony of Brahms.

The very reason we went there was to witness and experience our violin crush Hilary Hahn. Apart from being a beautiful lady, she just has just such a playfully skilled style; the joy of making music is clearly visible and the difficult pieces look and sound effortless and bright. She has a nice interaction with the orchestra and even made some dance steps at certain parts :)

All in all, it was exciting and fulfilling to witness and have it gulf over us.

The First Symphony of Brahms that was played afterwards by the orchestra - while played beautifully - in contrast seemed a bit dull. Or maybe we just are growing old and get tired after ten in the evening.

Anyway, I just hope Hilary Hahn can continue to brighten up the lives of people for a long while!

Hilary Hahn in De Doelen, Rotterdam

I liked the interior and colour setting of the venue too; De Doelen is pretty nice:

De Doelen concert hall in Rotterdam

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