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There is no “software supply chain”

Good piece on how a (hardware) supply chain is something completely different from the software stack what we tend to call a 'software supply chain', but which really is not.

The problem is mostly that the providers of the moving parts that people (read: companies) are so dependent on and want to protect, are not similar to the suppliers that in a hardware situation one has contracts with, and more importantly, pay. There's a lot of hobby love here instead, and not much appreciation.

Something I identify with:

I just want to publish software that I think is neat so that other hobbyists can use and learn from it, and I otherwise want to be left the hell alone. I should be allowed to decide if something I wrote is “done”. The focus on securing the “software supply chain” has made it even more likely that releasing software for others to use will just mean more work for me that I don’t benefit from. I reject the idea that a concept so tenuous can be secured in the first place.

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