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Seventeen years of dammIT

Well, that experiment obviously didn't work out as planned. I'm not even going to pretend I posted something in between the Wintergatan link and this post1, but I am going to celebrate this little platform of mine. It has been serving me for seventeen years now, and my use …

December 2020 blog spree

Today I had a conversation with an internet friend of mine (on Riot^H^H^H^HElement), and they confessed hating to blog. To me, that was interesting, as apparently they felt a pressure to write, but would very much prefer not to. Which I think is totally sane …


It is no secret that I keep a journal (it might not be very well known too, but it is private anyway). It is not a fancy hard copy journal that some talented people fill with really neat doodles and such, but rather a boring collection of Markdown-formatted text files …
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