A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Seventeen years of dammIT

Well, that experiment obviously didn't work out as planned. I'm not even going to pretend I posted something in between the Wintergatan link and this post1, but I am going to celebrate this little platform of mine. It has been serving me for seventeen years now, and my use of it has not waned. I'll likely be posting a bit more often than I have been doing for the last couple of years, sharing an interesting link now and then, and working through my backlog of some howto's and other fun stuff I want to share with the void.

I do not see this weblog as a journal (I have a real one for that), but I would like to bring back my now defunct microblogging life a bit to this corner of the web that is entirely mine.

The (prelude to my) switch in jobs two years ago made me realise I should focus on things I generate net energy with, and conversations about walled gardens, indie web projects, second brains - combined with all the changes this plague year brought - have me refocussing on this soap box that still sparks me joy. Well, is it a soap box? I kind of said that I write for myself, so I might just be yelling to clouds :)

(Or, to the cloud. Ha. Ha.)

The tiredness is slowly going away (if I stick with going to bed sooner than my todo list wants), and I am spending time with my wife and kids - more so than before. In a good way, even though home schooling will commence right after this little holiday is done with. Even that might go better than early this year, at least our attitude towards it is a lot more relaxed now.

Anyway, seventeen years have passed since me starting this rantbox. Seventeen years of things happening, chapters of the book of my life closing, new ones opening. Sweet seventeen, even when this year wasn't so kind on us.

  1. Well, maybe I'll be backdating a note about my grandmother passing away