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Goodbye grandma

Today the sad news of the passing of my second grandma didn't quite hit me like a brick - she already wasn't going well - but it brought home the reality of this plague year again. Her husband - grandpa - passed away around the start of this whole circus in February of this year. We were all happy that he didn't have to live through the madness (he suffered from Alzheimer in his last year and it would have been confusing), and grandma was sad, but optimistic about her life. Then social distancing happened and her life became a lot more solitary than anticipated.

The last few months she lost the will to live, and it showed. COVID-19 did not take her itself, but it was directly involved.

Thankfully, she had a peaceful end and didn't suffer.

Rest in peace, grandma. This year had no right to force itself on you this way.

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