A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Tired, or not enough time

So I'm chronically tired for a while now. It is mainly my own fault, not going to bed early enough. This has a whole spectrum of reasons, some of which hobby-related (evenings are for doing stuff, right?), others kids-related ("go to sleep already"), and there are work emergencies that occur now and then, and the occasional webinar or meeting.

At the other end of the night we also have the kids: "let us sleep until our alarm clock, dammit".

I do not enjoy the frequent headaches accompanying this sleep deprivation, and I think my thought process will work a lot faster and more coherent when I had enough sleep.

So anyway, as the clock is approaching 10 in the evening, let's turn this computer off, and hit the hay.

Sleep is not overrated, it is pretty great. Have some.

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