A rantbox

December 2020 blog spree

Today I had a conversation with an internet friend of mine (on Riot^H^H^H^HElement), and they confessed hating to blog. To me, that was interesting, as apparently they felt a pressure to write, but would very much prefer not to.

Which I think is totally sane. Well, the not wanting to part, that is.

My take on blogging is to do it for yourself. I write when I learned something new I'm enthousiastic enough about to share (mainly for future me), or when I want to document something I had to research, for future reference (me), or just want to vent. Basically, that all boils down to writing for myself. Not really in a 'journal' way, but I decided a long time ago that I should not care what I do in my own garden.

I would like to have the work and things I do to have a net positive influence on my mind. The posts I write here are giving me positive energy, are about things that give me that, or help me loose some negative energy.

That occassionally someone else benefits because I wrote a useful howto, only helps with the positive energy, but it's almost a by-product. A thankful one though, as I always get happy when I see I helped some people (just the one person is perfectly fine), just as I get happy when someone else wrote a helpful article when I am stuck.

I started this weblog in 2003 as a way of expressing myself, forcing myself to write a bit more (in English, which is not my native tongue), and to have a place to dump my thoughts on. It was even a bit micro-bloggy before that was even a thing.

This month, I'm going to try to do the latter a bit more again, as I want to challenge my writing again, and would like to make this quiet little garden of mine a natural place to ruminate again.