A rantbox

COVID-19: day 265, on cave improvements

A lot of people used the time spent at home improving said place. This of course had a variety of reasons: from having more time not spent sitting in traffic, to having a bit too much time by not be able to work at all (sucks) to being at home so much more that finally those little and not-so-little things begin to itch too much that having a good scratch feels like the proper thing to do.

Same with me. We live in a fairly new home, which thankfully did not need structural improving, but my nerdcave - or home office - really could use some love. In the past few years, I collected old belongings in there, and old electronics tend to end up in this same room. This meant that apart from the storage units (cupboards? closets?), my desk, and the Ikea Billy full of books, there were a lot of boxes filled with... stuff stacked on the floor, making it a cramped, and not so comfortable place.

The desk itself also had grown untidy, so when I started working there basically fulltime, that did not help unclutter my mind.

After a while, I started rummaging through the items, and sifting, reordering, reorganising, throwing things out; all the things I wanted to do for years. It took months of on and off taking time to do this, but now the floor is open again, I got some neat stacks on top of the storage systems, and said closets have seen their own TLC and organising. I know where items are, I threw some old crap out, and I'm happier because of it all. It's tidy (my wife wouldn't call it that, but I like how it looks now). There's extra shelving space for books and even comics, and I got myself a display Billy for my old Lego, because why not.

My working environment has improved too. I was lucky to score some external screens, and just last month I finally built a desktop machine again, after a decade of just having (docked) laptops. Together with some good desk lighting, I'm far more happy sitting here than at the ol' office.

I even got myself some gaming accessories, but that's something for a different post.

All in all, I made this room mine again, and being here is soothing.