A rantbox

Hello 2021

The plague year 2020 has passed. It has been a wild ride, and not all of it bad. Working from home want pretty well, I upgraded my nerdcave quite a bit in the progress, cleaning up a lot of the mess of stuff I assembled there, and even started a new hobby, about which I will tell a bit more soon. Spending more time with my close ones, less so with the rest of family and friends, apart from video calls and quick visits at the right distance now and then.

I shot some nice pictures, I enjoyed reviving this weblog, thinking about second brain stuff, chatting about that and more with friends from around the globe, in the process hearing their stories about their own lock-downs, governments gone bananas, and more.

I did lose a grandpa and grandma this year though, which always makes me sad. They had good, long lives, but their passing leaves a hole in my heart. My last surviving grandparent doesn't do that well either, so trying to spend some time with him and our kids together is high on the list of things to do.

Work was still a big frenzy for a large part of the year, but geared down halfway through, so we can work on our products at a more measured speed. I think 2021 will be a year of tech and architecture upgrades (I hope), but in the meanwhile we are running a rather solid product already. It needs more features, but all-in-all I'm reasonably happy with what we did :)

Work will have to be combined with home schooling again, so there is a nice challenge. We'll power through, but I hope the kids are a bit more independent now and will muster the energy and focus to do their work on their own when needed; school even says it is not the intention to supervise them full-time.

My energy level is slowly going up, still need to up my game getting in bed a bit earlier in the night. Lots of things to do, many of them fun.

Also, my isso commenting system has been broken for over a week now, so I should take a look at that soonish(tm).

So, there is this new year, 2021. Full of promises. Lets make sure at least some of them come true.