A rantbox

OOM killer, gun for hire

shorberg | I think total war got confused...
       ↪ | it thinks I have, 133 758 976 MB of VRAM
  tadzik | it's possible if M stands for mili
       ↪ | this many milibytes is just over 128 megabytes
shorberg | :P
       ↪ | let's hope it doesn't actually try to use that much  
 aquatix | the OOM killer likes to see it coming
   Psy-Q | does the OOM killer get a fax when VRAM runs out?  
       ↪ | i thought it was mostly hanging around seedy bars with plain old system memory and not VRAM
       ↪ | sitting in the corner, smoking and occasionally sending threatening glances to the tourist couples that stumble in by accident. they just don't know what kind of
         | clientele this place usually serves
       ↪ | it's a tough neighborhood, kernel space!
shorberg | where the dames are thorny and the drink lukewarm  
 aquatix | Psy-Q: yeah, the fax is delivered by courier from the nearest telegraph tower   
       ↪ | and his hungover reaction that starts at about midday the next day, is just in time to shoot down a random innocent process that happened to bump into his
         | breakfast whisky
       ↪ | after which just enough RAM is freed to have the offending process realise it should probably kill itself
       ↪ | so after about a forthnite your system has restored itself to something resembling a functional teletyper again
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