A rantbox

Love for keycaps

Arty shot of pretty keyboard

I know it is a material thing, but I can become rather happy from a good-looking keyboard. The plus side of many mechanical keyboards is that one can change their looks with a different set of key caps. So I did.

In the process I cleaned this keyboard up majorly; one thing was to get rid of the rubbery layer that coated the outer shell, but that turned sticky after a while (WHY do companies still use that stuff, it renders objects really jucky after a few years). Nothing that a bit of denatured alcohol and a cloth could not handle though. The other thing was to give it a good brush-off to get rid of the dust and other cruft that had accumulated in the last 5 years. The result makes me smile every time my gaze falls upon it.

Before and after, pretty substantial difference, non?

Full frontal to complete this photo shoot.