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COVID-19: day 22, on which I got ourselves a printer

As my corona-counter ticks day 22, and our kids have been home schooled for three weeks now, we decided to invest in some device to convert electrons into glyphs on paper.

We have not had a printer at home for about 15 years, as most of our stuff could be done digitally, and the random concert ticket or similar could be printed at work (really, about 2 prints per year or something). It suited us just fine, but as the daily mails from the teachers barraged on, each containing documents, exercises, drawings, and lots of other stuff, the need for a printer became real. We just weren't in the vicinity of our office every day (especially me, considering I've been working from home for the last three weeks too), so being able to print at home math exercises, writing assignments, or some fun puzzle for the kids to do 'in the real' will really help them actually get some school work done. It is not like they are easy to convince to sit at their homeschooling for more than five minutes...

I invested a few hours researching the current state of printing technology, and despite thinking really hard about getting a colour laserprinter (which at least will not have its ink dried out the moment you finally need it), I went for a Canon Pixma TS6250 inkjet, which also has a scanner function (and copier because of that). Quite a bit cheaper, and with decent prices for its separately-cardridged ink apparently. We'll see. It's also nicely compact, which is nice, as I really would like it not to take much space in my nerdcave.

It will be fun trying to print something from my phone for the first time in my life when it arrives on Monday. We are living in the retro-future :)

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