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The End of Infinite Data Storage Can Set You Free

The belief that we could save endlessly online turned us all into information hoarders. What society needs instead is better systems for preserving public knowledge.

One interesting find from this article: Perma which minimises link rot by converting hyperlinks in scholarly documents into “reliable, unbreakable link(s) to an unalterable record of any page you’ve cited” (Perma’s website notes that more than half of all cited links in Supreme Court opinions no longer point to the intended page).

Also, Amber, which automatically preserves snapshots of linked pages in case the original versions become unavailable.

I don't think (the current) Web3 will do much good here; the underlying ideas there are good, but currently it's mainly used for speculating with wild NFT's and using way too much energy because of the way it's designed.

Myself, I try to at least curate my life-log pics and our family pictures as soon as possible to have a half-decent collection. Tagging them would be great, but I think that's not going to happen.

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