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Disabled all the analytics

For years I've had Google Analytics and a self-hosted Piwik/Matomo instance to keep track of visitors. Fun fact: I barely ever looked at the stats. Other fun fact: my own presence did not even register, as my adblocker denied the requests to both. Yeah. It wasn't a really hard …
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Second brain part 1

After the bootstrap post of this series, I investigated quite some tools, and started building my initial framework of tools, just to play with the idea. Like mentioned, I used the mdnav vim plugin to make jumping between note files frictionless. I added some more patches to it, so it …
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Roundcube webmail and Google contacts

Draft digging time! Something I've had in my drafts since the 25th of October, 2014, apparently: Roundcube is a decent self-hosted webmail solution, which benefits from integrating Google Contacts so you do not have to duplicate your address books (assuming you use Google for yours). Luckily someone wrote a plugin …