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isso comments are up again

Commenting had been broken since the 19th of December because of the host having upgraded to Python 3.9 and isso breaking. I tried installing it anew from pip, but there is still a really old version on there; installing it as egg directly from its Git repository1 kind of works, but the Javascript needs to be compiled, otherwise it will not work. require.js and such have been removed from the codebase, so just linking to the regular JS files does not work. Also, on my Ubuntu 20.10 machine, somehow make js does not want to build the minified Javascript files either.

Instead, I borrowed the embed.min.js from jefft linked from this isso bug. Now comments are back, to not be used like before ;)

  1. pip install git+https://github.com/posativ/isso.git@master#egg=isso 

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