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Second brain part 1

After the bootstrap post of this series, I investigated quite some tools, and started building my initial framework of tools, just to play with the idea. Like mentioned, I used the mdnav vim plugin to make jumping between note files frictionless. I added some more patches to it, so it …
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Second brain part 0

I have been thinking lately about how I organise my thoughts, notes, files, todo's, incoming messages, and much more. This was partly fed by Ryan Rix and his quest for the ultimate way of organising data, be it org-mode or a variant, TiddlyWiki, or something entirely self-built. I have quite …
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Trying out SpiderOak instead of Dropbox

Have you looked at SpiderOak? It's a Dropbox competitor and way more secure. Use this link with referral to get more space if you sign up (it's free etc). If you do use that link, also use the promo code "WORLDBACKUPDAY" in addition to going there via the special link …