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Fri 05 May 2006


Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

Geek's day out

  • Sunglasses? check
  • Cellphone? check
  • PDA? check
  • Wireless foldable keyboard? check
  • Wallet? check


  • University? check
  • Sunny place with a view? check
  • Beer? check
  • Friends to talk with? check
  • Ladies in summer clothes? check
  • Computer lab course in about -6 minutes? oops, check


Fri 28 April 2006

Comments reenabled

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

OK, I reenabled the comments again. If a posting gets spammed, I can now simply close comments for that posting only. Still need to find a way to block spamming in general, but it's likely there's a human behind it, so that will get difficult.

BTW, yeah, I'm still alive …