A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Microsoft and malware

I'm subscribed to Bugtraq and one of the emails on the list today was this one:

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 18:53:04 -0000
From: [protected]
To: bugtraq_no@securityfocus_valid_email.com
Subject: Microsoft and Security

Where is Microsoft now "protecting their customers" as they love
to bray? Should not someone in authority of this public company
step forward and explain themselves at this time?

All of sudden panic is being created across the WWW with "IIS
Exploit Infecting Web Site Visitors With Malware", "Mysterious
Attack Hits Web Servers", "Researchers warn of infectious Web
sites" all stemming from all news accounts from an
unpatched "problem" with Internet Explorer now two weeks old and
counting, which in fact in reality stems from 10 months ago,
that being the adodb.stream safe for scripting control with
write capabilities.

What exactly is being done about this? Nothing. What does
multiple billions of dollars buy you today. Nothing. However for
$20 million you can almost fly to the moon.

Someone ought to step forward and explaini what exactly is
happening at this public company. The great "protector of their
customers". One might even suggest that their entire "security"
mandate be re-examined. What exactly do they consider a
vulnerability? Something that suits them or something that's
cost effective to fix. So what, a few people lose their
identities, have a few dollars extracted from their bank
accounts, have their home pages reset, we'll fix it when it
suits us as we have to be on budget this quarter. The  Big Boss
says $40 billion isn't enough this year.

A vulnerability:


"A security vulnerability is a flaw in a product that makes it
infeasible ^Ö even when using the product properly^×to prevent an
attacker from usurping privileges on the user's system,
regulating its operation, compromising data on it, or assuming
ungranted trust."

what this gibberish? For the past 10 months the adobd.stream
object is capable of writing files to the "all important
customer's" computer. It has real world consequences. It rapes
their computer. Does it fit into the gibberish custom
definition. Plain and simple: "A security vulnerability is a
flaw in a product that makes it infeasible". What kind of
language is this. Reads like the financial department conjured
it up.

Disabling scripting won't solve it. Putting sites in one of the
myriad of "zones' won't solve it. Internet Explorer can
trivially be fooled into operating in the less than secure so-
called "intranet zone" and it can be guided there remotely.

What's happening here. Where is the Microsoft representative
explaining all of this to the shareholders and "customers" they
so dearly wish to protect.  This is unacceptable.  Someone must
be held accountable.


You can read the original here. Now ain't this right on the head? Microsoft is neglecting to fix numerous bugs and now everybody is raving about a "new" IIS bug which really is a cumulation of various _very_ old bugs. And this is happening all the time. Is microsoft that arrogant? Saying "we protect our users" while essentially just protecting their profit.

Ah well, just my weekly microsoft rant I guess. Hope some of you will switch to apache and Mozilla Firefox if you aren't already :)