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Some more useless features for this blog

Just finished implementing the archive of this blog, tuning the mini navigation thingees and adding a third feed: a feed including the comments my one reader makes :). Was thinking about a way to let users of feed aggregators [like, all sane people] know that a comment was posted, when I came across Ensight of Jeremy C. Wright, which has exact that feature in his feed. So, to good internet practice, I ripped the method and added an extra feed to this blog, because I guessed not everyone is charmed by the constant updates [hm-hmm] of this new feed.

Please try the various pages of this humble site and report bugs at mbscholt at aquariusoft dot org. I've only tested it in Mozilla Firefox under GNU/Linux sofar, so reports of IE are welcome [guess I've to fire up windows myself one time to see for myself, because everybody is scared of using that flawed program these days, and for good reason].