A rantbox


I borrow this word from Alextreme, because he cares as much about football as I do: not at all. Of course I think it's too bad we didn't make it as European Champion, but I won't slep less about it. I don't sleep that much anyway.

It's even that bad that when I came home last Wednesday, I finished my dinner and went straight to bed. I slept until my alarmclock went of the next morning - well, not entirely true; I woke at 10PM from a thundering silence. I guess that was the point we had lost the match against Portugal. But when I went to work Thursday I still was slightly sleep deprived and today I'm sitting here after a night of 6 hours of sleep [shouldn't read that much Diskworld books] and have effectively neatralized the sleep of yesterday. I surely am in need of some weekend or vacation :)

PS: I wonder why I want to put a Gnome logo along with this post