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Mon 08 January 2007

Making your files safer

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

When sharing a machine with users you gave an account, you'd better take some precautions for your precious files in general dirs [like /storage or whatever]. To do so, do:

Recursively setting files to 644 and dirs to 755:
chmod -R 644 *
find . -type d -exec chmod 755 '{}' ';'

... for example …


Wed 03 January 2007

A very good [belated] new year!

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

I wanted to start the year with a post with some resolutions and thoughts, but I kinda slipped... Starting out well, it looks like ;)

Here are some resolutions for my new year: 1600x1200, 1400x1050, 480x320 and 176x220. [That other post will appear here soonish]


Thu 21 December 2006

Three years of rants: dammIT

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

Today is the third anniversary of this good ol' rantbox of mine. Putting online my frustrations, thoughts, ideas and pieces of life still is fun, so expect more annoyances coming from my way to you in the future ;)

BTW, if you visit this site, please do a refresh so you …


Sun 17 December 2006


Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

We went to Toomler Friday the 8th to see some Comedy Train [5 funny stand-up comedians]. But we really where there to listen some Jules Deelder [Dutch Wikipedia link; let's just say he's a very interesting artist, nicknamed the Nighttime Major of Rotterdam - which is another major city here in …