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Tue 09 November 2010

Out of contract

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My third temporary contract will run out at the end of December, and because this company is currently in the middle of a reorganisation, they don't take on people on a contract for undetermined time.

That means I'm in the running for a new job currently! It's really too bad …


Wed 06 October 2010

Reading time

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Now I'm done with my studies, I have some more time when I'm not distracted by the Internet. This time I spent mostly catching up with some great TV series, movies and of course my beloved books. I thought I'd mention some books I read in the last year (so …


Mon 13 September 2010

A new domain

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You might have noticed that this weblog has moved. It's still exactly the same rantbox as it has always been - hopefully with more regular updates than it has seen for quite a while - but now you can find it on its own domain: dammit.nl. Links to the old aquariusoft …


Wed 01 September 2010

dammIT, MSc

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It started last Monday morning when I read this mail from the guys supervising the practical course I had saved for last:

Hi Michiel,

Congrats, your solution just passed our tests without any problems, so you passed the practical!

Not long thereafter, an email was received stating my grade had …


Mon 23 August 2010

Dotting the i's

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I just submitted the software and documentation of my second-to-last practical, leaving me alone with my very last course to finish. I will dive into it tomorrow and hopefully will have tackled all issues before Friday. That should give me some time to document everything and submit.

And then I'LL …


Sat 03 July 2010

We are married!

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We interrupt this broadcast for a public service announcement.

Friday the 2nd of July 2010 at 13:00h CET, Michiel Scholten and Ineke Post got married at Castle Assumburg and became mr and mrs Scholten. Lots of pictures were taken, lots of fun was had. Pictures will follow.

Thank you …