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Ten years ago I was sixteen years old, an uncertain, geeky teenager. Right this moment we where on a school trip in Paris, that nice, big city in France you might have heard of. Earlier on a few girls of my class had tried to set up things, but I decided to do it my way. On the Thursday evening boat trip over the Seine, I managed to get a place next to that cute girl I knew. We watched the city glide by together, pointing out places where our little group had walked that week and weird statues we noted. When I put my hand on her leg, she didn't remove it or complain. When we left the boat, we walked hand in hand.

It's been ten years I've been together with this wonderful girl who has grown from an (also bit geeky) teenage girl with awesome long hair to a professional pharmacist who still for some weird reason seems to love me. It's also been two and a half years that we 'engaged', or rather made our relation more official. I won't comment on the 'and when is the wedding' questions yet ;)

The last decade has been fun, both of us growing from teenagers going to high school, going through university and ultimately landing a nice job, with me being proud of my girl being head pharmacist of her own pharmacy (even though she doesn't own it; hey, no burdens, only benefits :) ). I love you sweetie, let's multiply that decade by a large amount.